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Our Yorkshire Terriers are also our extended family. They live in our home with the rest of the humans! We are a family of dog lovers and our children are very much involved with our fur-family; creating well socialized and friendly pets.

Satin Yorkies are healthy with good dispositions. They are American Kennel Club registered with DNA on file. This guarantees continuity from one generation to the next. This eliminates questions and concerns about both the indentification and parentage, offering integrity beyond question and adding value to our breeding program. 

Our dogs are checked for Patella Luxation prior to breeding. They are seen on schedule and when necessary by a licensed veterinarian  and vaccinated according to doctors' recommendations. We do not take shortcuts with our dogs or puppies!


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Pixar Ledi (F)

Call Name: Pixar | TS5215xxxx

Registration(s): FCI, AKC

Status: CH Bloodline

Color: Blue and Tan

Weight: 5.01 lbs


Fancy La Vida (F)

Call Name: Fancy

Registration(s): AKC

Color: Parti 

Weight: 4.8 lbs

Pixar (1).png

Call Name: Luprix | TS5157xxxx

Registration(s): FCI, AKC

Status: CH Sired

Color: Blue & Tan

Weight: 4 lbs

Luprix (1).png
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